It was 1962 when a gentleman from Vicenza, driven by the typical entrepreneurial desire of the territory, decided to open a company that still bears his name.
That gentleman was Giulio Stella, our father.
He began working first in a small shop under our house, producing gold bracelets called “Persian” and “Villa” and entrusting the sale to wholesalers of the most important Italian business center: Vicenza and Milan.

Thanks to the growing successes that year after year the bracelet collection developed, Giulio decided to move to a larger venue.
This is how in 1978 the company found its identity in the current headquarters of Bolzano Vicentino where Giulio, together with his employees and the collaboration of our mother Agnese, produces jewels that are sold not only in Italy but above all abroad.
The turning point began in 1985 when the company Stella Giulio attended to Vicenza Fair with a Silver line called “Stampato” receiving the enthusiasm of Italian and international customers.

The production became a real assembling line and the company reached the total of 20 employees
The strictly artisan production techniques are combined with cutting-edge technologies and products.

In 1998, we, Giulio’ sons , Cinzia, Paola and Tiziano joined the company.
In 2006, when our dad passed away, (Cinzia decided to follow a different path),we took the reins of the company, with the complete conviction of continuing in the footsteps well marked by our father Giulio.
Since then, we share the tasks: Tiziano deals with the production and of new materials and technologies research, Paola follows administration, sales and marketing. Together we develop the new models, the new lines, not only trendy but above all classic.

Going back to our history, in 2000, the company Stella Giulio snc proposed for the first time the “Intrecciato”, a harmonious warp of gold strips that turns into elegant, sophisticated jewels, enriched with classics and timeless pave with zircons and semi-precious stones.
We included the production of silver jewelry to the gold one’s.

The Intrecciato, which has become the company’s flagship product, is transformed, shaped, modified by creating innovative bracelets, rings, earrings that are presented in the classic colors of yellow gold, white gold and rosé as well as in the more modern expressions of black rhodium and chocolate color.

Today the Stella Giulio has a catalog of over 500 models with a refined, precise finish that is subjected to a very strict quality control during all the production phases ..

Thanks to the initiative of our father Giulio and to the value of the pure Veneto family tradition, handed down from father to sons, the 356VI trademark is one of the most historic brands of Vicenza.